Saturday 3 September 2016

1986-6-6 Mix on Rádio Quântica

ALRIGHT. As promised, albeit a little later than I originally thought, here is my first guest mix (!), compiled for the maniacs of Rádio Quântica's Satan Made Me Do It show. Yes, I guess Satan Made Me Do it guys made me do it, but I had blast making this. It was actually supposed to be Midnite Madness 86, but it felt like an old Maniac Monday show, and those guys seems to love the old format, so I decided to give it to them instead.
Just demo tracks from 1986. Not an essential list or best of, etc, as I've played out a bunch of the really killer stuff, so just what I felt like playing at the time and what I haven't gotten round to blasting on my show. As all came from MP3s with varying quality, so sound may fluctuate from good to, well, kinda shit, but ALL killer tracks. You can listen below. Maybe if enough people want it solo, I can maybe upload it, but just enjoy it whatever (I am up in hour two).
Shouts to the guys again for being patient and appreciative and all-round good people, makes it all the more worthwhile. Who knows, maybe I will return next year with a 1987 demo mix for them... Kill the weekend!

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