Friday 22 August 2008

The Misanthrope

Yesterday I did pretty much nothing except wallow in misanthropy, which, as it sounds, wasn't a whole bunch of fun. Darkthrone's other majestic half, Nocturno Culto, made a whole 56 minute movie about said subject, called The Misanthrope - The Existence Of... Solitude And Chaos. He has described it as, "a strange documentary/fiction piece...a totally weird film with no actual information, but with atmosphere and self irony".

I haven't actually seen it yet but it looks pretty necro, from trips to visit people in the wilderness in northern Norway to a trip to Japan to sign Gallhammer, it looks like it could be amazing, if only for people into Darkthrone (he writes in the inside cover, "some will find this DVD totally pointless"). I have however heard the soundtrack and if like me you think the track running over the trailer is really next level shit (it's called Necroposers) then follow the link below to sample the album...


1. Battlehorns
2. The Bastard Son
3. Lake Of Sorrow
4. Stay Away
5. Necroposers
6. The Will To Deny
7. The Solution


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