Wednesday 15 April 2009

Dead Baby On A Stick

So recently a friend of mine (let's just call her Nell McAndrew) recalled a harrowing experience they had whilst in Africa; a roadside beggar with a dead baby on a stick as bait. Yes, really. I was as perplexed as you are so I got them to draw a picture and I got an account of said harrowing experience...
Me: So, what's this picture all about
Nell McAndrew: It represents the plight of the Africans in 3rd world Africa, conveyed through an artistic medium

Did you really encounter squalor as heinous as this in the 'motherland'?
I did. It was a turning point for me in my life. It made me appreciate the little things in my life. Like the fact the only things I usually see on sticks is candy floss or ice lollies. Not babies

Hahaha how old where you when this was presented to you like an unwanted birthday gift from a paedo uncle?
Hahahaha stop! I was about ten years old, it has haunted me ever since. It was then the childhood innocence was ripped from my eyes

What did you say to people back home about your horrific encounter? Or were you too embarrassed to speak about it
I wasn't embarrassed, no it was more a sick sense of realization. It was like when you find out Santa isn't real. But you find out some people beg using babies on sticks as sympathy tools to earn more money
Did you find out Santa wasn't real before or after this? I guess Santa wasn't really relevant after a dead baby on a stick right
Exactly. Santa was far from my mind. Now the only thing coming down my chimney was a steaming pile of guilt topped off with a baby on a stick

Have you ever thought about going back to Africa and getting a witch doctor to exorcise the visuals from your mind?
Maybe next year? Its always a thought

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