Friday 10 July 2009

Fenriz aka DJ V.K.O.M. presents... Trapped Under Vice, Vol. I

Back when I started doing my weekly blog for Vice at the beginning of the year I really wanted to interview Darkthrone's Fenriz for it, the reasons are pretty obvious, but he declined stating a rigorous interviewing schedule that he had just finished. I was a little bummed out but we kept in contact and he would tip me off on so many bands I would never have heard of without his vast knowledge of music. Anyway, I then tried to get him to DJ to no avail. When I heard the Actual Pain mixtape I was naturally lost for words and asked him if there was any possibility he could do one for Vice. No problem he said. He would love to. And here it is. Intro from the man himself...

First words. I started the comp by thinking of some acts that should definitely be on there. Then I mulled it over for a week. I then sat down to structure it, and I had several darlings to kill and new ones to include. I am not making a ONE STYLE comp here, like 'occult thrash' or something. I chose numbers mostly from bands that are/were old and rough and soulfully sounding, but thrash is one of the most intense genres, so it sort of HAS TO be varied, WHEN I MAKE 78+ minutes here!

I was thinking of dropping 3 of the songs to make it more like a hit parade, but one needs some ups and downs in life ha ha. Better to leave the mix untampered with. is sort of a whole labyrinth of songs, a world to get lost in.

I also start with two tracks that has really underground sound, so I will lose all posers that try to listen to the mix.

TRACK LISTING for the "TRAPPED UNDER VICE" PART ONE. Fenriz (a.k.a. DJ V.K.O.M.) mix of black thrashing death

Trapped Under Vice, Vol. I

01. Necrovore (USA) 'Mutilated Death' (1987)
02. Mental Decay (Denmark) 'Eat the Posers Guts' (1987)
03. Pentagram (Chile) 'Profaner' (1987)
04. Necrodeath (Italy) 'Agony/Flag of the Inverted Cross' (1987)
05. Morbid (Sweden) 'Wings of Funeral' (1987)
06. Poison (Germany) 'Yog-Sothoth' (1987)
07. Devastation (USA) 'Devastation' (1987)
08. Merciless (Sweden) 'The Awakening' (1989)
09. Minotaur (Germany) 'Fall of the Gods' (1988)
10. Mutilated (France) 'Funerarium' (1988)
11. Deathhammer (Norway) 'Toxic Radiation' (2008)
12. Obliveon (Canada) 'Whimsical Uproar' (1987)
13. Obscurity (Sweden) 'Demented' (1987)
14. Morbid Saint (USA) 'Beyond the Gates of Hell' (1988)
15. Vulcano (Brazil) 'Guerreiros de Sata' (2003)
16. Whiplash (USA) 'The Burning of Atlanta' (1985)
17. Infernö (Norway) 'Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell' (2004)
18. Aura Noir (Norway) Iron Night/Torment Storm' (2008)

Thanks again to Fenriz for everything, and also to Peter Beste for allowing me to butcher his fine photography for the cover. Enjoy


Znifer said...

Thanks but what happened to the link ?
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I've just double checked it and it's fine, definitely set t public. Its had almost 600 downloads since Friday so it is definitely working. Have you tried refreshing the link?

Znifer said...

For some reason, it worked. And the comp is devastating. Amazing stuff!

Ekons said...

thanks for that!!

Mari said...

Awesome compilation! Huge thanks!

RyGar said...

Thanks. Fenriz is almost becoming a real life Toki Wartooth. So friendly for a black metal guy.

Anonymous said...

anyway you can re up this fam?


New link as of July 31 2015. Be quick!