Saturday 1 August 2009

Watch Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Lost Highway & Hotel Room

Maybe Lynch's three greatest movies. Wild At Heart will always be my favourite, the car crash scene with Sherilyn Fenn is easily the hottest thing of all time. Well, it challenges Salma Hayek's snakedance in From Dusk Till Dawn anyways. Oh, and Powermad are in it too...

Blue Velvet (1986) David Lynch (USA)
Blue Velvet

Wild At Heart (1990) David Lynch (USA)
Wild At Heart

Lost Highway (1997) David Lynch (USA)
Lost Highway

Also, I only recently got acquainted with a HBO show Mr. Lynch did after Twin Peaks called Hotel Room, it ran for 3 episodes, Lynch directing both the first and third installment. To be honest they're pretty weird 30 min short stories, the last featuring Crispin Glover and an enchanting Alicia Witt being my favourite.

David Lynch's Hotel Room (1993) David Lynch (USA)
David Lynch's Hotel Room
Here is a link to Hotel Room in 8 RapidShare parts.


Anonymous said...

The Crispin Glover Hotel Room episode is my favorite thing Lynch has ever done.

JIRO said...

Before Hotel Room he made another series called On The Air, very Lynch with some good bits.