Monday 11 January 2010

Interview with Adam Richardson of Ramesses


Just wanted to start by asking what you’ve got planned for this year really, I am guessing an LP will come out in the not-too-distant future?
After the sell-out of the Baptism of The Walking Dead EP we are looking into a US release of it on vinyl. We are looking to drop Take The Curse DLP/CD full-length very soon along with the Chrome Pineal 12″EP. We are planning to tour southern Europe later this year which will be great as we haven’t ventured down there yet, we usually tour the north. We’ve got a few festival dates to confirm too so looking quite action packed so far.

Indeed, you’ve been fairly prolific since you formed back in 2003 with releases, how come you’ve only released one long-player so far?
We feel that Misanthropic Alchemy was our third full release with We Will lead You To Glorious Times being our debut and The Tomb the second, but as they both clock in at just over 30mins most people regard them as EPs. We liked the idea of releasing two EPs first - we try to do everything our own way in our own style. Ironically we now have another full length to record before Take The Curse is released.

Amazing. You have built a following strong enough that you have been playing regularly at the Old Blue Last, how do you find the shows there?
We have played at the Skill Wizard night run by Marek Steven of Invasion, he’s a great guy and it’s a great night. He also made the video clip for our track “Master Your Demons”.

A great guy he is indeed. The video for “Khali Mist” is insane by the way.
Cheers man. Yeah, we are very happy with that - it’s by Hans Lo who also does our live projection/alchemy shows. He has helped further the feelings of fear and horror in our live sets, he will be expanding and terrifying minds with us at the Old Blue Last and beyond.

Whoa, a real show indeed. What do you make of the UK metal scene, do you think it’s on the rise?
Don’t know really. We are pretty insular as a band and don’t really feel part of a scene, but every time we play a gig it’s with another new metal band so i guess it must be on the up. My favourite UK bands at the moment are Bong, Winterfylleth, Salute, Gonga, Pombagira, Art of Burning Water.

You write all the lyrics, correct?

What is your main source of inspiration, bar music?
The hidden and unseen and often imaginary details that pervades every fibre of my consciousness. Films like Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, one of the best Zombie flicks ever. Perfect creeping terror. Wicker Man, Mark of The Devil, a lot of Hammer Films. British and Italian 70s horror works perfectly with our sound, and that’s why we continue to revisit those types of samples. We used a sample from Dracula AD1972 for Baptism of The Walking Dead and it sounds brutal. Occult, alchemical and magic texts, (secret) history and art architecture reference books. The writings of HP Lovecraft, August Derleth, Edgar Allen Poe, Alistair Crowley, A.O. Spare, W. Burroughs, Milton, C.S. Carol, etc.

In order of influence: weed, datura, trance state (self-induced), DMT, mushrooms and LSD. Art by Austin Osman Spare, Hieronymous Bosch, Harry Clarke and Jake and Dinos Chapman, who we are proud to now be working with. We are using images from their AMAZING piece Fucking Hell, which we’re still buzzing about. We were booked to do a sonic installation at a London gallery space with Jake and Dinos last year, but due to fear and paranoia from the venue of sonic destruction it was pulled. We are planning to reschedule this unholy alliance this year. Stay tuned.

Installation sounds insane. How did you come to work with the Chapmans?
We just asked them if we could use some of their images and they said yes. We can’t wait for the installation. You will need ear protection.

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The Baptism of the Walking Dead video,with clips from the Cannibal Holocaust 2 movie, on YouTube was deleted, this is my sad face :(