Friday 20 August 2010

A Fist In The Face Of God presents… Brad's HXC Comp

Brad Smith, who runs the excellent Nocturnal Cult, kindly made me a mix of, yep, you guessed it, his favourite hardcore tracks. Brad not only knows everything about death and thrash metal - thanks to growing up in Tampa Bay when the scene was kicking off (lucky bastard) - but his hardcore knowledge is pretty complete as well. I’ll let the music do the talking...


1. Chain Of Strength (US) “True Till Death” (1988)
2. Strife (US) “What Will Remain” (1994)
3. Earth Crisis (US) “Firestorm/Forged in the Flames” (1993)
4. Turning Point (US) “Shadow of Lies” (1990)
5. Bold (US) “Today We Live” (1989)
6. Project X (US) “Straight Edge Revenge” (1993)
7. Judge (US) “Where it Went” (1989)
8. Sheer Terror (US) “Just Can’t Hate Enough” (1989)
9. A Chorus Of Disapproval (US) “Justice” (1991)
10. Cro-Mags (US) “Show You No Mercy” (1986)
11. Verbal Assault (US) “Anger Battery” (1989)
12. Worlds Collide (US) “Absolute” (1992)
13. Split Lip (US) “Unsolid Ground” (1992)
14. 411 (US) “Our Father” (1991)
15. Gorilla Biscuits (US) “New Direction” (1989)
16. Inside Out (US) “No Spiritual Surrender” (1990)
17. Outspoken (US) “Shadow” (1994)
18. Unbroken (US) “Curtain” (1994)


Listen: Brad’s HXC Comp

For those of you crying for another Trapped Under Vice, there is a new one coming. This time Fen turns his attention to the world of heavy and speed metal. I saw him last weekend and he assured me (with a very FGM face) that it will be amazing. And he never lies. Thanks again to Brad.

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Mari said...

Thanks a lot! Killer comp!!! \m/