Friday 5 November 2010

Demo Attack!

Spectral Birth (Australia) Raze (1990)

2.Bodies Crushed By Tanks
3.Carnal Butchery
4.Yellow Tears
5.Frog of Fear

Okay, so it's been a while since I posted any demos, and yes, I know I posted Spectral Birth's first demo last time but hey, this one is even better! To me, this is PERFECT SOUNDING thrash in terms of guitar sound, aggressiveness etc. And good to see fellow Aussie's Vomitor continue these ideals. I know I keep banging on about it, but the new record, Devils Poison, is so fucking brutal.


Doomed (US) Haematomania (1992)

4.Twelve Prophecies

are another 90s Chris Reifert project, similar to Autopsy in ways, maybe a little 'groovier'. Arild of Obliteration put me onto this one when we drove to Kanalrock festvial for their performance there this year.


Aura Noir (Norway) Dreams Like Deserts (1995)

1.The Rape
2.Forlorn Blessings to the Dreamking
3.Dreams Like Deserts
4.Angel Ripper

This is about as black as thrash metal has ever been. Apollyon told me their logo came from rotating the letters of the latter-era Celtic Frost logo, and it can really be seen on the cover of this release. The version of "Mirage" on this release is the original and not the one with Fenriz on vocals. Apollyon destroy!


Deathroner (Canada) Deathroner (2007)

1.Evil I
4.March to War

Wow, this one is a scorcher. Canadian black/speed metal band whose myspace tagline reads, "An ironfist in the face of god!" You know what to do. Thanks to Kick et al for turning my ears to this on my trip to Kolbotn in the summer.


Antichrist (Sweden) Crushing Metal Tape (2008)

2.Coven of Evil
3.Metal Attack
4.Torment in Hell

Antichrist are one of the best thrash acts out there right now, alongside Deathhammer and Nekromantheon, making perfect 80s thrash. This is less black than the two previously mentioned, more out-and-out 80s thrash fucking metal, in the vein of early Slayer, if you must. Their new tape, Put To Death, is maybe the best thing I have heard all year and it's been quite a year. The title track is still blowing my mind just thinking about it. Anyway, this one is also excellent, I ripped it from my own copy of the cassette, #76 of the Zombie Ritual pressing. "This one's for you Satan!"