Friday 31 December 2010

A Fist In The Face Of God MMX

2010 was a fantastic year once again for new music. Not only did a couple of the scene’s luminaries add two more gems to their illustrious discographies (Burzum and Darkthrone), but many who have been promising for a number of years come up with the goods on their debut long-players (Deathhammer, Bastard Priest and Nekromantheon), and we also got some new heroes (Antichrist, Ghost, Morbus Chron, Natur and Occvlta), not to mention the rest.

2010 proved that if you know your shit and persist with your ideals that it is still possible to make metal the way it is supposed to sound. Thanks to all the bands featured, and may your future releases blow even more minds, hehe…


1. Natur (USA) "Metal Knights"
2. Children Of Technology (Italy) "New Enemies to Hunt"
3. Ghost (Sweden) "Death Knell"
4. Antichrist (Sweden) "Put to Death"
5. Nekromantheon (Norway) "Further Beyond"
6. Deathhammer (Norway) "Cold Winds of Death"
7. Black Magic (Norway) "Possessed"
8. Swallowed (Finland) "The Dying Misted in the Bloodstream"
9. Bastard Priest (Sweden) "Total Mutilation"
10. Morbus Chron (Sweden) "Death Strikes"
11. Obliteration (Norway) "Envenomed"
12. Grave Desecrator (Brazil) "Stained By Blood"
13. Vomitor (Australia) "Devils Posion"
14. Burzum (Norway) "Sverddans"
15. Occvlta (Germany) "Where is the Winter"
16. Darkthrone (Norway) "Bränn Inte Slottet"



Anonymous said...

yae, possessed is my fav of black magic. greets from berlin. jan

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Many thanks

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antidarling said...

Fuck I hate twats like that.