Thursday 27 January 2011

Fenriz' Metal Merchants Festival DJ Set Mix

Fenriz' Metal Merchants Festival DJ Set

This is a mix of the set Fenriz played at the first Metal Merchants Festival. Originally it was only hand-distributed to about 50 people, but Apollyon played it one nite while we were getting lit at my old place early last year and it blew me away. So I asked Fen for a copy and he ripped me a dub and it soundtracked literally my whole summer last year. Some incredible tracks from the most obscure bands I would never have heard had it not been for DJ V.K.O.M. Does what a great mix should - open you up to bands you didn't even know existed. So, here it is, with a short message that appeared on the back cover.

Hello o ancient ones! The lame world of modern metal is left behind. Now let us enjoy the soulful fruits of our beloved lands of the past. DOOM!


1. Aragorn (England) “Black Ice” (1980)
2. Bitches Sin (England) “Down the Road” (1980)
3. Elektradrive (Italy) “Secrets of the Holy Grave” (1986)
4. Legend (England) “Death in the Nursery” (1982)
5. Kat (Poland) “Killer” (1985)
6. Armored Saint (USA) “Aftermath” (1985)
7. Hand Of Doom (Germany) “Rock N' Roll Close to the End of the World” (1979)
8. The Beast (USA) “The Beast” (1983)
9. Bloodlust (USA) “Ride to Death” (1985)
10. Warlord (USA) "Mrs. Victoria" (1983)
11. Jag Panzer (USA) “Death Row” (1983)
12. Luzbel (Mexico) “Por Piedad” (1986)
13. Tröjan (England) “Chasing the Storm” (1985)
14. Sarcofagus (Finland) “The Deadly Game” (1980)
15. Proud (Sweden) “No Losers” (1984)
16. Heavy Load (Sweden) “Run with the Devil” (1983)
17. Helstar (USA) “Dark Queen” (1986)
18. Liege Lord (USA) “Cast Out” (1987)
19. Ostrogoth (Belgium) "Love in the Streets" (1985)



Anonymous said...

ha, just looked at ebay today for aragorn!

Anonymous said...

This is just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Killer comp! And a great beer companion for me and my girlfriend on a Saturday night fever, heh! Cheers from Athens, Greece, sirs.

Anonymous said...

i love these Fenriz mixes, always find something new and awesome.