Friday 8 April 2011


Sacrifice (Canada) The Exorcism (1985)

The Exorcism is basically the demo of Torment In Fire, however, I've kind of always been a bigger fan of this than the full-length. "Turn in your Grave" sounds incredible on this release.

1. The Shining
2. Sacrifice
3. Turn in your Grave
4. Burned at the Stake
5. The Exorcism
6. Decapitation
7. Warrior of Death
8. Beyond Death

Desecration (USA) Psycho (1985)

This is scorching—the vocals a little odd, perhaps—but great evil 80s thrash, nevertheless. Not many things sound like this nowadays.

1. Intro
2. Psycho
3. Death's Revenge
4. Halloween

Hobbs Angel Of Death (Australia) Virgin Metal Invasion From Down Under (1987)

Well, much like the Sacrifice demo above, I have always been more of a fan of this than the LP that followed it. "Jack the Ripper" is killer, great drum sound.

1. House of Death
2. Crucifixion
3. Jack the Ripper
4. Bubonic Plague
5. The Journey

Armoros (Canada) Pieces (1988)

This is a pretty random bit of dark Canadian thrash, long since out of print. Basically, if you have somehow tired of Darkness Descends, this is in the same ball park stylistically, with "Critical Mass" being the standout track for me on here.

1. Forever CDMK
2. Terminal Death
3. Euphoria
4. Apparition of Force
5. Critical Mass
6. Autopsy (Dementia)
7. The Dead
8. Shadows
9. Remember Michelle
10. Earache

Stagnation (USA) Stagnation (2007)

Okay, I know this is considerably newer than the rest, but this is simply crushing and you should download it now and turn it up past lethal. Brusing death/grind.

1. Tempter
2. From the Fog
3. Shall Be Turned
4. Interceptor
(Bonus Tracks)
5. Farthest From
6. Thunderdrome


Anonymous said...

You made my day: Stagnation fuckin' kills. BTW after a long time lurking your blog in the dark it's about time to say you HELLO and thank you for all the good music!

Mari said...

Huge post ... Thanks! \m/

Anonymous said...

Cool post mate. Great to see a fellow irish lad with good tastes in metal and movies.