Monday 9 January 2012

Unleash The Demos

Hirax (USA) Demo (1984)

Just look at the song titles—pure anthems, all of them! Killer speed metal, right here.
1.Born in the Streets
2.Battle Cry
3.Stand and be Counted
4.Believe in the King

Hellwitch (USA) Transgressive Sentience (1986)
This is another obscure gem I think I found on Lockjaw, sometime last year. There are some absolutely INCREDIBLE riffs on this, mainly on the second and last tracks. Real weird proto-death/black/thrash metal shit here, from 86 too. Wasn't so into the other demo or the full-length either, but this is highly recommended and well worth making an impression on your hard drive, then your life.
2.Satan's Wrath
3.Torture Chamber
4.Fate at Pain's End

Massacre (USA) Chambers Of Ages (1986)

More deathrashing 86 lunacy here. Can't really put into words how good this is in parts. Man, the intro is also something else, reminds me of early Cure, no lie.
1.Chamber of Ages
2.Clangor of War
3.From Beyond
4.Symbolic Immortality

Merciless (Sweden) Behind The Black Door (1987)

Swedish assault! One for all deathbangers and those who have somehow missed this legendary band or have worn out The Awakening.
1.Total Destruction
2.Bestial Death
3.Satanic Slaughters
4.Behind the Black Door

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