Tuesday 7 February 2012

DJ Fenriz' 40th Anniversary Vinyl Mix "Slow Black Death"


So, Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell—engine of Darkthrone and regular VICE/AFITFOG mixmaker—has made us a new mix. Well, actually, it is not new any more, thanks to thieving Royal Mail Christmas temps who clearly stole the two mixes he sent me last year. Being the insanely nice guy he is, he made this particular one to coincide with his 40th birthday last year, but, like I said, the knaves at the sorting office never delivered it to us. He works for the postal system in Norway and says in his time sending stuff (he sends A LOT of shit being the underground fiend he is) nothing has never not gotten there. So, instead of having him send it again I actually went and got it in person from the man himself last weekend while visiting his beautifully snow-laden country seeing bands he probably tipped me on over the past few years.

Here, finally, three months late, is DJ Fenriz' 40th Anniversary Vinyl Mix "Slow Black Death", and what a killer selection it is, encompassing many styles and perhaps, surprisingly, Diamanda Galás. The first time I met him, we hung out at his old Gambelyan flat, shooting the shit over old metal vinyls while he drank beers and I smoked itals. I am not sure how we got onto the subject, but he told me that while him and Ted (bandmate Nocturno Culto) were recording the legendary A Blaze In The Northern Sky, which just turned China, they would smoke hash and listen to Diamanda Galás. In the dark. He doesn't blaze any more, but man, from this mix that is almost hard to believe.

Anyways, here it is, enjoy it, and in the next month or so I will be posting the other mix he's done for us - a house mix. Yes, you read that correct.


1. Intro
2. Execration (Norway) "Intermezzo I/A Crutch for Consolation" (2011)
3. Jex Thoth (USA) "Kagemni" (2009)
4. Rippikoulu (Finland) "Pimeys Yllä Jumalan Maan" (1993)
5. Diamanda Galás (USA) "Εξελόυμε (Deliver Me)" (1986)
6. Goatlord (USA) "The Fog" (1991)
7. Faustcoven (Norway) "Whisky Demon" (2008)
8. Saturnalia Temple (Sweden) "Aion of Drakon" (2011)
9. Bathory (Sweden) "One Rode to Asa Bay" (1990)

Listen: DJ Fenriz' 40th Anniversary Vinyl Mix "Slow Black Death"


By the way, every other Monday from today, February 13th, I will be playing the finest metal—new and old, brutal and not-so-brutal—from 9-11PM GMT live on Dalston's finest, NTS Radio. If you are curious as to what I might be playing, click here to see what I played on my pilot.


you see said...

what data format is it? thanks.

Anonymous said...

I take it you mean whats inside the .zip file? based on the size, my money is on mp3s.

you see said...

yo, thanks.

Sid Sings (1979) said...

I like the drums in the Execration song. Are they like that in all of their songs?

Ian Smell said...

Looks killer. Have downloaded...what's the password? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Im able to download the Mx but unable to open the zip, can anyone help?


Sid, the drum sound is consistent on the record, sure. No password, Ian. Anon, just use any unzipper to open it, Stuffit works fine. Thanks

gthatecraft said...

I used Winzip and still got a "password needed" popup.

Boman said...

I really like this idea to put out this kind of mixtapes. I have dicovered many "new" bands.

A question:

What about the copyrights to put out those Fenriz mixtapes? Is'nt it illegal to download them or are the recordcompanies informed about this?

I mean, you download it for free.

Anonymous said...

the GGFH intro goes well with the [new] Execration song[s]

Misanthrope said...

Downloaded the mix a few weeks ago. Only got the opportunity two days ago to toke up and listen to both The Human Touch and Fenriz 40th Anniversary Mix back to back while stoned out of my mind. What a trip...

gt hatecraft said...

Is that Fenriz house mix ever getting posted?


SORRY http://afistinthefaceofgod.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/dj-fenriz-human-touch.html?zx=2caf9f59404ef419