Tuesday 13 March 2012

Maniac Monday, obituary III - Heavy/Speed/Thrash Attack

Above is last nite's tracklisting from my third Maniac Monday slot on NTS, which you can listen to below (I come in at 1.15). As you can see it is mostly heavy and speed metal, the last hour of which I played exclusive tracks from Aura Noir and Deathhammer's new albums, a track from an Occvlta split, a Nekromantheon track which may appear on the forthcoming Nekrothrash compilation, and one from the Salute vaults that I have been hoarding now for almost two years. I finished with Isengard, a glimpse into what I will be playing on my next show—black metal and the darker side of thrash. That will be on March 26th, 9-11GMT, so tune in then for that.


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Phantazm is kills