Tuesday 24 July 2012

Maniac Monday XII - 1986(66)

Alright! A lot of out there have been asking for last week's show, 1986(66), so here it is. I am still awaiting NTS to upload it to Soundcloud, so for now all I can offer is a free download of it.
Next week's show is as yet undecided. I am thinking maybe epic tracks—which will allow me to play about 14 tracks hehe—or maybe another year? I dunno, if anyone has any suggestions, now's the time!


Sid Sings (1979) said...

Too packed to fit Cirith Ungol in?

If you're stuck for suggestions how about a NWOBHM-themed show. A wide timeframe (1978-ish to 1986-ish I think it was) and plenty of variety so you probably won't be stuck for bands to play.

Anonymous said...

How about a split show? Germanic thrash (from 1985 to 1987) for the first hour and then an hour of Florida thrash (from the same time frame)? Sort of battle of the bands/areas! Throw in a match up of Swedish death metal (again from the same time) against American hardcore or power metal? A mini world cup in the offing!

Total dig the show, it keeps me sane on the Newcastle to Edinburgh train journeys I do!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Suggestions... well, three popped to my mind right away: a Doom related show, a NWOBHM one or (and i think this one would make all sense after XII shows) a show dedicated to LIVE songs/albums.

Give `Em Hell !