Saturday 22 December 2012

Maniac Monday XXIII - 2012

Yes, here it is, the last Maniac Monday of the year, fittingly it is indeed the 2012 show. Thanks again to all the bands for all their hard work in making more future metal classics and to all the labels—Hells Headbangers, Indie, Peaceville, Metal Blade, Invictus, Demonhood, etc—for putting out some great stuff this year and sending me promos, and lastly, a big thanks to Ed (Femi), Alec, and all the NTS guys, your work has not gone unnoticed!
This is it 'til next year. I am not sure what the future of Maniac Monday holds, so until I return to London watch this space. Should be something happening in early January—time waits... for the ripper.

1 comment:

Jon said...

Great show, bought the Mabuse and Vampire demo's as a result.. keep the flame burning in 2013!