Wednesday 5 June 2013

Maniac Monday XXXIV - Demo Entrails II—There's No Tomorrow

I know it's been a long time coming, but I finally had the time to raid the crypt of the ancient metal gods and the relics I finagled can be heard below. As always, I tried to play bands I hadn't done on the show before and also stuff that didn't feature on the first Demo Entrails. Great to hear more from the insanely killer Chamber Of Ages demo and to finally get round to playing something off that Incubus demo, plus a few others I couldn't figure into a previous show. Ughhh.
Maniac Monday will return, live from London, in just under two weeks time on June 17th, where I might unleash a few newer tracks, perhaps even a vinyl-only set, who knows.
Thanks as always to those who listen in, download, and await the next onslaught. This one's for you...


Anonymous said...

First time listening to the show live, this time i haven´t failed with the schedule eheh. Amazing one, and some unexpected choices made it even better.
Looking forward to the next show and some new tunes. A lot of amazing records being released these days!

Dave 'em all said...

OUGH! This one's a killer.
Thank you, Dylan!