Sunday 7 July 2013

Maniac Monday XXXVI - Heavy Metal Mania IV—Speed Metal Supremacy

ALRIGHT. It felt apt to do another Heavy Metal Mania show so soon again mainly due to me being inundated with mixes of the heavy/speed metal variety. Thanks again to Anna Hallstrom for her two mixes—three tracks off each feature in the second half-hour—and like I mention in the show, if you want one of them uploaded just say which. If one of them gets, say, five or more requests I will do so.
I will be back on July 15th for more madness so don't forget to tune in then.

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Piece of Your Action said...

Five or more requests?! Damn dude, way to throw down the gauntlet! Haha...

Thank you, Dylan, for the kind words and another deadly show.

(Also, if you dig Bloodlust, check out the band Lord if you haven't already. "Leather Queen" almost made the second mix... And "Shouts to Fenriz," as you would say, for first turning me onto Bloodlust with his Metal Merchants mix.)