Thursday 24 October 2013

Maniac Monday XLIII - Epicvs Metallicvs II

ALRIGHT. Thanks to those who listened in to Monday's show, to those who didn't, listening and download links are below the tracklist.
It was the second Epicvs Metallicvs and was meant as a kind of wind-down to those who attended the already legendary Live Evil 2013. Zom were my pick of the weekend's bands, with Condor's cover of Invincible Force and Ranger's speed metal antics also a standout. The pre-show was godly, as anticipated. Shouts to Daniel, Cato, Kick and Chris of Deathhammer and to Anton, Sven, Gabbe and Lars of Antichrist. Killer shows as always.
Maniac Monday will return on November 4th with more real fucking metal, perhaps an old thrash show, seeing as I haven't done one in a while. But who knows, I will probably change my mind between now and then so tune in to find out for sure!
Lastly, there is now an email address that you can contact me on should you see it absolutely necessary. I am only trying this out to see if it makes any difference (it won't), so you can find it on my profile page (I am not typing it here). 'til next time...

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