Tuesday 31 December 2013

Maniac Monday XLVIII - 2013

And so another year draws to a close, but not before I squeeze in my now-traditional end of year show/mix. It has been another great year for the rise of underground metal and also the return to form of some of the past masters. I take it a show is enough so I will stop with the superlatives now.
Thanks to Ed, Fergus and Alec at NTS for keeping the show going, to Fenriz and Brad for their continual pushing of some bands I would otherwise be in the dark about, all the bands that featured on this show for their releases and continued work unmuddying the genre's perceptions, all the labels who send me shit (hails to Einar at Duplicate/Demonhood, Flo Grill at Dying Victims, Indie Recordings, Steffen at High Roller Records, Paul at Peaceville, Darragh at Invictus Productions, Iron Bonehead, Metal Blade, Southern Lord, Nathan T Birk, Rise Above, etc.), Marek and the Live Evil guys, Louise and Iron Fist, and anyone I may have forgotten. This pilgrimage is going somewhere!
On a note to AFTIFOG blog readers, apologies for the lack of Snaps posts, I know I have been really slack getting them up this year. This is solely due to the frustratingly long upload process since Blogger 'updated' the image uploader in 2012, or thereabouts. I still watch as many movies as ever, and take a fair few snaps along the way, but posting them has just become menial and laborious. I will try when I can to get more up, hopefully I will get back to one a month, like past years, next year. I have been re-watching Twin Peaks again so that may come up first...
As for Manic Monday, as mentioned in the show, I am having my Maniac Mondays reversed for 2014, so the next show is actually on Monday, January 7th, and then every two weeks thereafter, got it? ALRIGHT.

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