Monday 5 May 2014

Maniac Monday LVII - Epicvs Metallicvs IV

Finally, show 57, another Epicvs Metallicvs. Yes, as mentioned in the show, this is a lazy effort, as it really is the castaways-ish from three shows back. But as I also said, this is due to total radio burnout after 57 shows, all but one being a two-hour show. It is just getting tougher to come up with something different now with the way the show is structured etc, and after this month I will only be doing one a month, probably until the year's end and then SILENCIO.
Sorry if this is a bummer to anyone, but it's time. The next show on May 12th will only be one hour long and it commences at 2200GMT, so bear that in mind as something else will be playing during my usual first hour. If anyone wants a download link, just ask.


Anonymous said...

A bummer indeed...minus absolute respect and understanding whatever you decide. Til then would appreciate a link to this one..
Thanx and cheers from Athens, Greece!

Discordia said...

A link would be much appreciated, thanks!


No problem, it is live NOW

Anonymous said...

Realy, REALLY stunning show sir!
What about that death rock show you talked once?
Thanks in advans!