Friday 27 June 2014

Midnite Madness LX - HMM VI—On the Run

The return of Heavy Metal Mania sees me take in the best of the series in this pretty much uninterrupted two-hour mix. Like mentioned in the show, this special was inspired by a mixtape I made for the road late last summer. I tried to do a World Cup show but only had 19 of the 32 participating countries so thought 'FUCK IT, let's go with the HMM mix instead', and here it is.
I will return with more Midnite Madness on July 22nd, so make sure you tune in for that one.


Anonymous said...

This one's for the road indeed, definitely! Absolute HEAVY METAL POWER! Thank you very much SIR!

Sid Sings (1979) said...

Since when did 4shared start forcing you to download with a social media account?