Friday 22 August 2014

Midnite Madness LXII - Demo Entrails VI—Buried and Forgotten

Finally, the semi-classic Demo Entrails is here. I did endeavour to play tracks only from my most-listened-to demos, but a few others snuck in. I could easily do another one, but I am sure you've had enough of the grainy, under-produced sounds of underground 80s death/thrash/speed/black metal for another few months. Perhaps October's show—which is pencilled in as another Live Evil special—will contain the classic 2000s demos I originally thought might make this show, but alas, there was too much demo power in my realm to mix decades on this particular effort.
Thanks to the mystery listeners, as always, and to the power from hell that inspired these demos back in the 80s. I will return at midnite on Tuesday, September 16th, or 00.00 hours Wednesday the 17th. I don't know which date is correct, I am guessing the latter. Confusion aside, there will be more to come, but as yet a theme has not been established. Maybe a death or black metal show, or something less noisy, perhaps. Time waits, for the ripper!

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