Saturday 13 December 2014

Midnite Madness LXVI - 2014

As always, with the closing of the year comes the AFITFOG annual, recounting the best of the past year. This was not a golden year by any stretch for me, but I still had to omit some pretty decent stuff just to make this two-show happen, and as always, I am sure I will discover some great 2014 release next year and beyond.
Big thanks to all the promo guys for keeping me in touch and to the NTS guys for keeping the show alive, even when I wanted to pretty much finish up. Also, shouts to Fenriz for his work on BOTW and for the killer OOOOO podcast; Brad Smith; Tom Swine (HATEFUL ABANDON album rules!); Daniel and Cato DEATHHAMMER; Marek and Oscar for keeping Live Evil LIVE and pretty EVIL too; Kick, Sindre and the NEKROBLIT guys; Tooth of NATURE (killer show with CAUCHEMAR in London this year), brothers Jan and Torm OCCVLTA, Theo OMEGA, Daragh at Invictus and any band/distro I ordered from this year (OCCULT BURIAL!), and to this year's guests—Jake SHALLOW SANCTION, Deano, James Knight, and to you all for listening. Massive unhails to British Airways—fuck you and die.
I will be back on January 13th, 2015 for more MIDNITE MADNESS, so in the words of a good old friend: "don't you go dying on me!"

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