Monday 30 November 2015


ALRIGHT. One from the collection here, something I first heard thanks to Cato's inclusion of it on the Thrashing Rage Vol. III comp. from 2012. Apparently I played the very same track on a pretty ripping South American bands-only show later that year, here.
But anyways, back to Chile, where Occult hails from. Other than this and the what's on the Archives (nothing), I don't know anything about the band except it reminds me of K├Ârgull The Exterminator or maybe Infernal Curse from Argentina or Damnation from Sweden. So yes, kind of Bathory-infused thrash. Killer stuff, all scans in the zip folder. No bootlegging!

Occult (Chile) Metal Darkness [2011]
1. Defenders of Black Steel
2. Supreme Power
3. Metal Darkness

DISCLAIMER: If you own the recording and want it removed, please do not be an internet snitch and make a DMCA claim, just email me or leave a comment and I will remove it. Thanks.

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