Monday 2 January 2017

A Fist In The Face Of God presents... 1-800-666-1986

ALRIGHTTT. Just a little New Year gift to all my loyal maniacs. Yes, I know, it's a repost of a mix I did last year, but I have removed my talking in favour of an extra track and it is now available for both download and to stream on its own. And I also made the pretty killer new artwork above. Shouts again to the Satan Made Me Do It guys for playing this out previously and for all their hard work spreading the forgotten language of HEAVY METAL across the data airwaves. Soon!
Just demo tracks from 1986. Not an essential list or best of, etc, as I've played out a bunch of the really killer stuff on my show or on featured mixes, so just what I felt like playing at the time and what I haven't gotten round to playing out so far. As all came from MP3s with varying quality, sound may fluctuate from good to, well, kinda shit, but hey, they are ALL killer tracks. Shouts again to the guys Satan Made Me Do It Guys again for being patient, appreciative and all-round good people, makes it all the more worthwhile. This one's for you, Satan!


Anonymous said...

Kudos for the KILLER artwork and THANK YOU for uploading the d/l links for the older volumes! Have a great deathrashing year sir, cheers from Hellas!

Unknown said...

Still crazy addicted to that INSANE Fantom Warrior track UGHHH keeping this here mix close to heart

also, that's one hot artwork indeed. Righteous!

much love from Lisbon!


thank you for the continuous inspiration, generosity and killer tracks, Dylan!

fab artwork!

nelson / satan made me do it