Friday, 10 February 2017

Midnite Madness XCIII—I Have Holes Instead of Eyes

ALRIGHT. Show 93. Thank you all for taking the time out to listen, as always, and hails to the promo-senders, too. Back in four weeks, "don't you go dyin' on me!"

Friday, 13 January 2017

Midnite Madness XCII—Horde of the Beast

2017 sees Midnite Madness resume a now six-year residency on NTS Radio. Not sure how I've managed to keep the ball rolling, but hey, show 92 wasn't a bad one, huh?
Thanks to all the listeners, both in real time and thereafter, as always. I only make this show for you guys, you know.
Oh, and I keep meaning to mention it on-air, but there is a metal/rock record store opening in London's east end, very soon. It is called Crypt of the Wizard and any info can be found here. Soon!

Monday, 2 January 2017

A Fist In The Face Of God presents... 1-800-666-1986

ALRIGHTTT. Just a little New Year gift to all my loyal maniacs. Yes, I know, it's a repost of a mix I did last year, but I have removed my talking in favour of an extra track and it is now available for both download and to stream on its own. And I also made the pretty killer new artwork above. Shouts again to the Satan Made Me Do It guys for playing this out previously and for all their hard work spreading the forgotten language of HEAVY METAL across the data airwaves. Soon!
Just demo tracks from 1986. Not an essential list or best of, etc, as I've played out a bunch of the really killer stuff on my show or on featured mixes, so just what I felt like playing at the time and what I haven't gotten round to playing out so far. As all came from MP3s with varying quality, sound may fluctuate from good to, well, kinda shit, but hey, they are ALL killer tracks. Shouts again to the guys Satan Made Me Do It Guys again for being patient, appreciative and all-round good people, makes it all the more worthwhile. This one's for you, Satan!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Midnite Madness XCI—2016

ALRIGHTTT. Show 91, the year's closer, has me showcasing my favourite releases of this very year, 2016. Not necessarily, the best, but the ones I listened to most. Hails again to you all for listening, NTS for hosting, and also to all the music and promo-makers—without these four elements the show would not happen, so thank you.
I will return with more MIDNITE MADNESS every four weeks from January 11th, 2017. Here are all my show-dates for next year:
MAY 3rd & 31st
JUNE 28th
JULY 26th
Haven't really figured out the format for next year's show, but I am thinking with the hour I have, the way I did it this year works best. So expect my month's listening, which will almost always be 30 mins of Golden Era metal, with 30 mins of newer stuff, give or take. Soon!

Oh, and one last thing. APOLOGIES to the few who requested download links for the last four shows I just didn't get round to uploading. I have done all four now plus the new one above, and they're below, or links on the individual show pages.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Midnite Madness XC—Addicted to Madness

Thanks to all for listening, as always. Next month sees the annual show return—so only the best, or my favourites, rather—on December 14th, hear me then.

Friday, 7 October 2016

A Fist in the Face of God presents... Live Evil Mix 2016

And we return, like the evil itself. Welcome back to the realm of real metal that is the Live Evil festival, returning to its rightful home, London's Boston Arms, after a cracking edition out in Berlin earlier this year.
Legendary doom metal pioneers Pentagram headline the festival's culmination on Sunday evening, but before they show us all how it's done there will be rare performances from NWOBHM heroes and relative obscurants, Demon and Millennium, respectively; black-thrash maniacs from down under, Destroyer 666; and hell, even the classic blues rock band Groundhogs are assembling a new lineup, featuring the original drummer, for this year's madness.
In what is perhaps the most varied lineup yet, there will be bands playing almost all styles, from death, thrash and black metal to a lot of traditional heavy metal styles – but don't miss out on the soon-to-be-legendary Black Magic returning to the UK for a rare appearance of their own. In fact, there will be a fair amount of newer bands playing bluesier/hard rock styles, which should mix up the audience a little. So in case you're worried that scary older brother types with cooler patches than yours will steal all your beer money, don't, because there'll be plenty of kids in flares looking a bit lost, wondering why they're not in a forest watching Wytch Hazel.
Anyway, I can say what I like here, but all you lot are interested in is the mix, so let's go. Thanks again to tall the bands for supplying the permission/tracks for the mix, and to Marek and Oscar for keeping it alive.
1. Demon (UK) - "Intro: An Observation/Don't Break the Circle" [1982]
2. Antichrist (Sweden) - "Put to Death" [2010]
3. Horisont (Sweden) - "Odyssey" [2015]
4. Black Magic (Norway) - "Death Militia" [2014]
5. Millennium (UK) - "The Devil Rides Out [Re-recorded]" [2016]
6. Wytch Hazel (UK) - "We Will Be Strong" [2016]
7. Live Burial (UK) - "Forced Back to Life" [2016]
8. Insurgency (UK) - "Destined for Death" [Rough Mix]" [2016]
9. Barrow Wight (Canada) - "No Sleep Till Gondor" [2016]
10. Inconcessus Lux Lucis (UK) - "Corona" [2014]
11. Vulture (Germany) - "DTD (Delivered to Die)" [2016]
12. Pentagram (USA) - "Burning Saviour" [1987]