Sunday 30 November 2008

Tight Clothes=Homosexuality

Really? That's what this Brooklyn group reckon to the new trend of rappers wearing more 'fitted' clothes. I remember a year or so ago when I worked at the Fitted shop some skinny Somalian teenager asking me why I wore my jeans fitted, when I answered he replied, 'but people might think you're gay'. I asked him if he thought I was gay and he said no but he was concerned what other people might think about my attire. Considerate huh.

The comments under the video are priceless. Here's one classic... '
YALL ALL LOOK LIKE BUMASS NIGGAS ANYWAY SO YA NOT IN A POSITION TO SAY NOTHING...YALL LOOK LIKE YALL STINK...STAND ON A BLOCK SELLING NICKS OF GARBAGE MAKING 100$ aA WEEK...AND THEM HOS IN THE VIDEO AINT YOURS...YALL CHIPPED IN TO PAY THESE BRAWDS..FUCK THE OVERLY TIGHT SHIT,BUT YALL STILL SOME BUMASS STINKING LIKE SHIT ASS NIGGAS HAHA' Whatever the fuck any of that means. However one youtuber had this to say, 'Baggy pants were popularized in prison, worn by prisoners as a signal to show other men that they were ready and willing to engage in anal sex.' There it is...

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Unknown said...

i did not know that the baggy jeans were a green light for butt sex.

BTW supporting man city does mean you're gay. that's OK though buddy. each to their own.