Friday 27 February 2009

Unholy Goat Transformation


Africa's belief in black magick and the occult has never really been a big secret, from stories of exorcising resulting in child sacrifices to concocting potions resulting in the killing of 'witches'. However police in Kwara State, west Nigeria have gone one further and detained a goat on suspicion of attempted grand theft auto. A Mazda 323 to be specific. Apparently a vigilante group spotted two men in the stolen Mazda and apprehended them where one escaped and the other used black magick to turn himself into a goat in order to evade the group, where it was then shepherded to the local police station. A spokesman for the police, Tunde Mohammed, added that police would require 'scientific proof' that any transformation that may have taken place before the goat can be charged. Apparently mysticism isn't evidence enough for the police to charge a goat with attempted robbery of a automobile. Not even in Nigeria. This reminded me of a story from the Nigerian Tribune last year where a cat that had been hit by a motorcycle suddenly transformed into a woman and was set upon by bandits who almost killed her.

The goat remains in police custody where locals have been flocking to the station to try and capture a glimpse of the goats prospective supernatural powers and unholiness

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