Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fenriz aka DJ V.K.O.M. & Sindre Solem of Obliteration present... Trapped Under Vice, Vol. IV

Trapped Under Vice, Vol. IV
is here. By now you know the drill, Fenriz, aka DJ Vast Knowledge Of Music, digs into his alarmingly large vinyl collection for you. This time accompanying Fenriz in the mix is Obliteration’s Sindre Solem. When I was in Norway last year I saw the duo DJ at Fenriz’s old place (which is where I took the picture for the cover), and it was insane. This mix lives up that memory, and beyond. I will leave the talking to the mix-makers from here.

Fenriz: I decided to do an epic metal mix for you all at Vice and those thousands who download the mixes. But, I was expecting Sindre over that evening, so I thought, “Why not just tell him we’ll do a mix together, like we did the first times both of us hung out together down at my DIRTY SHITTY GAMLEBYEN FLAT”. I had my songs laid out in 30 minutes, Sindre had no time to prepare, I just gave him 15 minutes to pull out some stuff, so the mix is rather gung-ho.
Sindre: I was taken by surprise when Fenriz told me that we we’re doing a mix for Vice, only few hours before Ciekals and I arrived to pound some brewskies and listen to great music. I quickly scrambled together some gems from Fen’s vast collection of killer vinyl. The cool and important thing with live mixes are the transitions, I live for a smooth transition and I think we got some cool ones here. Plus some fuck ups of course. That’s what you get when you don’t plan anything. Hope you all will enjoy mix of organic sounds and hairy balls! Ughhh!
1. [Fenriz] Metal Church (USA) “Beyond the Black” (1984)
2. [Sindre] E-X-E (USA) “Autopsy” (1987)
3. [Fenriz] Dio (USA) “Egypt” (The Chains Are On) (1984)
4. [Sindre] Bad Religion (USA) “You” (1989)
5. [Fenriz] Accept (Germany) “Princess of the Dawn” (1982)
6. [Sindre] Colosseum (UK) “The Kettle” (1969)
7. [Fenriz] Manilla Road (USA) “The Ninth Wave” (1985)
8. [Sindre] Autopsy (USA) “Retribution for the Dead” (1991)
10. [Fenriz] Agent Steel (USA) “The Day at Guyana” (1987)
11. [Sindre] Summon The Crows (Norway) “Scavenger’s Feast” (2006)
12. [Fenriz] Warlord (USA) “Beginning/Lucifer’s Hammer” (1984)
13. [Sindre] The Fire Escape “Journey’s End” (1967)
Thanks again to Fenriz and Sindre for their hard work and mixtape making skills, enjoy.
Fenriz would also like to add that this mix is dedicated to Dio. †RIP RJD†
If somehow you missed the previous three mixes, links are here;
Trapped Under Vice, Vol. I
Trapped Under Vice, Vol. II
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Mari said...

Massive thanks to Fenriz, Sindre and you, Jonathan.
One thing: track 8 is corrupt during extraction ...

Jonathan Rockwell said...

Hey Mari, thanks for that. Just downloaded it though, and it opened and plays fine all the way thru? Try again maybe?

Anonymous said...

nope - track 8 fails crc check w/ winrar 3.90

thanks for a great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Link is broken,pls post a new one!Thanks!

Jonathan Rockwell said...

I did, you are broken

Vlad The Impaler said...

Great compilations!!

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for the new upload!
hello summer drives with old car stereo!

Yorp Shard said...

I realize I'm a bit late to the game, but this mix won't download anymore...any chance I can still get it?

†ROCKWELL† said...

No problem, Mr Shard, you are never too late to dinner for a request such as your own. Hell, I didn't even realise it was down, so thanks for the heads-up. Here's the new link

Yorp Shard said...

Nice! cheers dude


Gracias guachín

Jonas said...

Hi, the link is the one for vol 3.

Great radio show you have going there.

greetings from germany


Thanks Jonas, and well spotted. Link now replaced.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. Keep the flame of hell alive, Fenriz!