Wednesday 14 July 2010

Hell Comes To Your House...

I ripped this a while back on the strength of it having three 45 Grave tracks I'd never heard, and the fact it featured Christian Death, among others. Since doing so, it's been on nearly constant rotation, some great great tracks on this highly influential compilation. Hard to believe it is almost 30 years old too, like me...

Hell Comes To Your House

1.Evil (45 Grave)
2.Concerned Citizen (45 Grave)
3.45 Grave (45 Grave)
4.Dogs (Christian Death)
5.Reject Yourself (100 Flowers)
6.Marry It (Rhino 39)
7.Death on the Elevator (Super Heroines)
8.Embalmed Love (Super Heroines)
9.Lude Boy (Social Distortion)
10.Telling Them (Social Distortion)
11.Daddy's Gone Mad (Legal Weapon)
12.Puss 'N' Boots (Red Cross)
13.Out of My Head (Modern Warfare)
14.Street Fightin' Man (Modern Warfare)
15.Deception (Secret Hate)
16.New Routine/Suicide (Secret Hate)
17.Suburban Bitch (Conservatives)
18.Just Cuz/Nervous (Conservatives)


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chris_c said...

great, great comp - got this first time round. Yeah, I can't believe it is 30 years either