Monday 27 September 2010

Interview with Natur

Photo by Logan Hill

As promised last week, I will be focusing my attention on the Live Evil festival over the coming weeks. I have featured many of the bands already on here, but some I haven't yet, one being Brooklyn's heavy metal darlings, Natur. I caught up with the whole band (unbeknownst to me at the time) over iChat late one hazy evening last week. Here is some of what went down...

So, how long had you been going before you recorded the demo?
Roughly a year before the demo came out. We recorded it in our rehearsal space.

Was the sound intentional at first, or did it manifest itself over that year?
Well, since the addition of our lead guitarist, Dino, the sound has evolved, but its been the same style. The way we like it; old!

Yeah, it has an almost ANCIENT sound. Why do you think heavy metal is so prominent again?
There's a huge resurgence of these old, great, sounding bands... What caused it? The stars aligned maybe? Its rock n' fuckin' roll! Can't kill it!

Ha ha, the spirit will burn forever, indeed...

How did Fenriz get a hold of your band? Had you been in correspondence with him at all before he made you a Band Of The Week?
Well, this guy Arjan from the Netherlands sent Fenriz our demo. Arjan does a blog with all obscure metal mixtapes. It's awesome. He also runs the Darkthrone Band of the Week hall of fame page or something, pretty cool guy!

Nice. So, Live Evil Festival... How does it fell to be part of such a special line-up?
Holy shit! We kind of can't believe it! What a line up. And the fact that Fenriz is behind it; that's very special. We hold his opinions on music and his contributions to music with very high regard. Oh, and the line up! Whoa.

That's right! Who are you psyched to see?
Fucking Ghost! Angel Witch, of course! Vulcano, our pals in Nekromantheon/Obliteration, Deathhammer, Salute, Hooded Menace, Children Of Technology, everyone pretty much. Bummed Blackholicus couldn't make it, those guys rule.

I actually saw a comment one of the Deathhammer guys left on your myspace, it said something like, "gonna be cool to play with you in jack the rippers realm" ha ha.
Yeah, never turn your back on the Ripper... Stoked on the pre-show with Salute and Deathhammer, our friends here are insanely jealous that we get to just see those guys play live.

London doesn't get shows like that ever, really. You guys are from Brooklyn, is there a scene at all out there?
There is a scene! It's growing too, bands like Mutant Supremacy are playing ancient death metal. Mutilation Rites, Total Social Suicide, Goatcrow, and Atakke who were also a Darkthrone BOTW a long time ago. There is also a bar here, Duffs, they hold down Brooklyn's metal drunks, along with the Charleston and the Acheron; great metal venues and drinking holes. A big F U to Frustraitor!

Huh?! Frustraitor???
All we can really say is that, the band Frustraitor, is a bunch'a fuckin' dicks. It's a long story filled with international intrigue, and unbridled enthusiasm. Fuck them. They will get whats coming to them...

Wow. Anyways, album plans?

Oof! Well, we have plenty of material for a full-length record, and that's our goal. Basically, we just need THE funds.

Still unsigned?
We are under the wing of The Year is One Records for the 7", they are great friends of ours too. They just started up actually, we were their first release. They are in it for all the right reasons, underground sounds! As far as a full-length though, we will have to wait and see.

So hey, tell me, what is "Spider Baby" really about?

Well, the lyrics are based on the CLASSIC Jack Hill film, Spider Baby. It's a creepy flick!

Ha ha. Is the single version any different to the demo version, incidentally?
The recording of the single is a little faster, and we recorded onto 2" tape as well, so the sound is heavier! Also, we added some special instruments!

Any last thoughts, etc?
Thanks for the chance to spit shit out... This is our first proper interview. Thanks to the Year is One and our fuckin' friends. LISTEN TO PILGRIM! And FUCK FRUSTRAITOR!

The guys were kind enough to let me post their demo for free download. This is a rip of my own copy of the demo, at 320kbps. Enjoy.

Natur (USA) Demo (2010)

1.Metal Knights
3.Goblin Shark
4.Spider Baby



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