Thursday 16 September 2010

A Fist in the Face of God presents... Fenriz a.k.a. DJ V.K.O.M. -Trapped Under Vice, Vol. V

It's that time again, folks. Yep, the latest in the Trapped Under Vice mix series from Darkthone's Fenriz a.k.a. DJ V.K.O.M., is here. And it's about as speed/heavy metal (in the purest sense of the term) as you will find anywhere. As always, I will leave the talking to the man himself.
Mostly speed metal tracks, in the easy simple way that I use the term - fast heavy metal tracks. The ice breakers in between are slower heavy metal tracks - namely heavy metal.
BTW this time I DIDN'T include a tough cookie as the first song, no, it's a 'fenomenal' song instead!
Fenriz, summer of 2010.
1. Limelight (UK) "Metal Man" (1980)
2. Hiroshima (Sweden) "Soldier of the World" (1983)
3. Universe (Sweden) "Stories from the Old Days" (1985)
4. Kraze (USA) "Land of Sorcery" (1985)
5. Brainfever (Germany) "Capture the Night" (1984)
6. Puls (Czechoslovakia) "Trhaná Tvar" (1986)
7. Merlin (East Germany) "Excalibur" (1986?)
8. Dark Heart (UK) "Don't Break the Circle" (1984)
9. Gotham City (Sweden) "See How it Flyes" (1984)
10. Deaf Dealer (Canada) "Caution to Kill" (1986)
11. Griffin(USA) "Curse Be the Deceiver" (1986)
12. Harbinger (USA) "Morningstar" (2009)
13. Enforcer (Sweden) "Walk with me" (2010)
14. Sonic Ritual (Sweden) "Shark World Deceiver" (2010)
15. Savage Grace (USA) "No One Left to Blame" (1985)
16. Witch Cross (Denmark) "Alien Savage" (1984)
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EPIC !!!

I also made a compilation with Fenriz. Contact me if you want to share.