Sunday 4 September 2011

Oi Oi!

Ohlo Seco (Brazil) Ohlo Seco (1984)

I found out about these guys via Ratos De Porão's cover of Que Verginha on their Crucificados Pelo Sistema album, which is also killer btw. I managed to track down the first two EPs online and the opening track of this kills me every time I hear it still. Has that War Of The Worlds-esque guitar tone and who knows, without these guys there may've been no Sepultura, Sarcófago et al. Also, I wanted to exclude the live tracks as I HATE live recording, but the crowd singing along to the intro of "Isto é Olho Seco" at the end of "Vida Violenta" makes me wish I had been there so bad.

1. Isto é Olho Seco
2. Castidade
3. Sinto (Live)
4. Lutar, Matar (Live)
5. Vida Violenta (Live)

Unruled (Canada) Time Is Running Out (1984)

Last year, I saw this killer Inepsy acoustic video and in it they tear down all the lame posters in the backstage area, or wherever it is they are, and replace it with some of their own—one being an Unruled one. I'd never heard them so I checked out this and it's stuck ever since.

1. Time is Running Out
2. Forced Mistake
3. Lost Cause

Besthöven (Brazil) More Victims Of War (2002)

No idea what attracted me to this, can't have been the half-arsed Discharge rip-off cover... or was it? Ha. Anyways, this is sloppy as hell, but in the best possible way. The Portuguese-lyriced tracks are vastly superior, for me.

1. Rest in Silence
2. More Victims of War
3. Multidôes Envelhecidas
4. Silêncio Macabro
5. Vale das Sombras, Vale da Mort

After The Bombs (Canada) Terminal Filth Stench Bastard (2005)

Thanks to Sindre for introducing me to these guys when he included them on the crust mix he and Brad Smith compiled for me earlier in the year. The four tracks on here are all absolute rippers and every time I put this on, well, I want to smash up everything in sight, ha ha. Luckily, I haven't done so, yet. If you liked the Stagnation EP I posted earlier in the year then this is definitely for you.

1. Face of Brutality
2. This is Hell
3. Centuries of Genocide
4. Life in Fear

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Alejandro Ossandón Páez said...

Olho Seco it's a southamerican timeless classic, beside RxDxPx