Friday 11 March 2011

A Fist in the Face of God presents... In Crust We Trust - A Mix by Brad & Sindre

When Nocturnal Cult scribe Bradley Smith said he and Sindre SolemObliteration frontman and Nekromantheon bassist and sometimes vocalist—were doing a crust mix, my first thought was: great. Given that Brad lives in Hawaii and Sindre lives in Norway, there was one small obstacle to overcome; the Atlantic Ocean. However, thanks to the internet they managed to compose it solely over email and here it is, with a little intro from Mr. Smith.

In Crust We Trust compilation represents a cross-Atlantic crust duel between Sindre, Norwegian vocalist for Obliteration/Nekromantheon, and Brad, American editor Nocturnal Cult Webzine, each one trying to destroy the other by picking the most crushing or devastating crust track they can find in order to annihilate the opposition. So who wins this battle between metal brothers? Only you can decide.
1. Amebix (England) - “Arise!” (1985)
2. Axegrinder (England) - “Life Chain” (1989)
3. Holokaust (USA) - “54 Wars” (2005)
4. Hellbastard (England) - “They Brought Death” (1990)
5. World Burns To Death (USA) - “Apparatus” (2003)
6. His Hero Is Gone (USA) - “Thieves” (1996)
7. Monuments To Ruins (USA) - “Sleep Rite” (2005)
8. Morne (USA) - “Force” (2009)
9. Detestaion (USA) - “Searching for Oblivion” (1996)
10. Tragedy (USA) - “Crucifier” (2006)
11. Murderess (USA) - “Cover the Earth in Graveyards” (2009)
12. Masakari (USA) - “XII Abandoned” (2010)
13. After The Bombs (Canada) - “This is Hell” (2005)
14. The Secret (Italy) - “Weathermen” (2010)
15. Summon The Crows (Norway) - “Life is Shit” (2006)
16. From Ashes Rise (USA) - “The Mandate” (2003)
17. Sanctum (USA) - “Hault the Machine” (2008)
18. Severed Head Of State (USA) - “Dust to Dust” (2003)


Mari said...

By the way, band The Secret is not from USA but from Italy.

Brad said...

true statement! They are from Italy and they fricking DESTROY!


Sorted, by the way...

B-rad said...

I guess that means we'll have to call Sindre a plagiarizer! heh heh.

Van Damned said...

Between the comps, the interviews and the tits, you have one of the best blogs going. Well done, Rock.

Anonymous said...

Guys, it's been over a year since this compilation. How about another crust compilation? Or maybe an anarcho-punk compilation?