Friday 7 October 2011

A Fist in the Face of God presents... Sounds From The Compound, Vol. III

It has been a slight rotation of the moon since I last spilled more ancient blood on the altar of metal, but guess what? I have another mix—this time of a more mixed variety, with metal from every decade since the 60s, except for the 90s—courtesy of Tom Swine of Bristol black speed metal trio—he calls it "grinding pain metal' or 'tough street metal"—Salute. That's a picture of him getting down and dirty for the never-to-be-released-even-on-DVD remake of Cobra. Words from the man after I shut the fuck up.
So I guess the diehard posse are probably familiar with almost every track on this new mix but that's not the point RIGHT!!!
This is a mix full of the real deal, stuff I love to listen to in the Salute compound whilst smashing beers and writing riffs/looking at vinyl!

Black Magic and Bunker are on there for all who are going to LIVE EVIL ROUND 2! See you in hell...

Alright, ready? Let it loose!
1. Savage (England) "Let it Loose" (1983)
2. Oz (Finland) "Free Me, Leave Me" (1983)
3. Death (USA) "You're a Prisoner" (1974)
4. Widow (England) "Devil's Disciple" (1984)
5. Black Magic (Norway) "The Ritual/Night of Mayhem" (2010)
6. Warfare (England) "Dance of the Dead" (1984)
7. Bunker 66 (Italy) "Blasphemous Ignorance" (2010)
8. Hell Darkness (Israel) "Heartfelt" (2009)
9. Arson Anthem (USA) "Crippled Life" (2010)
10. Can (Germany) "Sing Swan Song" (1972)
11. Flower Travellin' Band (Japan) "Kamikaze" (1972)
12. Leaf Hound (England) "Stagnant Pool" (1971)
13. Steppenwolf (Canada/USA) "The Ostrich" (1968)
14. Sam Gopal (England) "Grass" (1969)
15. Black Sabbath (England) "Falling Off the Edge of the World" (1981)
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Mari said...

Wow, thanks for this new comp!
Old school metal rules! \m/