Friday 28 October 2011

The Return... Live Evil Pre-Show Shirts

I'm not sure how many of you made the pilgrimage to London last weekend for, not only Live Evil, but for the pre-show, but those of you who did will know how killer a weekend it was from Deathhammer, who opened proceedings at the pre-show, to Aura Noir, who closed the festival on Sunday night. Thanks to all the bands, Marek and Mark, and all deathpipers. Can't wait for next year!

Anyway, I had some shirts printed up for the pre-show, limited to 20 pieces for each band, all with the same backprint. The Deathhammer and Nekromantheon ones sold out on the night, but I have 5 Large and 5 XL Occvlta shirts left. If you would like one please leave your email address, location, and size in the comments box and I will email you a total. Shirts are £12, plus postage, which will be £4 in the UK, £8 to Europe, £10 worldwide. Don't ask me for the other two because they are all gone and I am not reprinting more cos that would be lame.


Angelizer said...

Sick shirts !
Sadly wasnt able to make it to the fest this year like planned, really bummed. Anyway, would really like to have one Large shirt of those.
Location: Canada
Thanks !

flatlined said...

One large for me as well please!
Location: Norway


Michael said...

One XL pleas.
Location: Austria

Kind regards

flatlined said...

I got the request to pay through paypal, but when i logg in there is no payment pending... Do you have a email adrdess i can send to?


Just to let you know, all packages have been shipped out, check your PayPal for tracking info.

Thanks again