Friday 22 October 2010

Interview with Hord of Occvlta


Interview with Hord, one of the brothers playing in the majestic Occvlta. Demo after the interview. They are no longer playing the Live Evil aftershow, but the main festival on the Saturday...

AFITFOG: So, how did you find out that you had been chosen as one of the lucky few of Fenriz's Band of the Week to make it to be playing Live Evil festival?
Hord: We haven't been chosen. True Satanists are not chosen by anybody, they choose themselves! Mark of the Live Evil bookers sent me a mail because he wanted to buy our shirt. In response, I told him we must play at Live Evil. Then he must have been really scared and offered us to play the aftershow party, as the rest was booked. At least this is my story of it, and Mark won't be interviewed, ha!

There is an array of talent from almost every continent in the world playing the festival, do you think the metal scene is as strong as it was in its hey-day, or perhaps even better?

To me, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Burzum, Immortal and Celtic Frost are the centre of the black metal universe. They wrote the strongest music and changed my live. When I was a teenager I didn't like black metal at all, but when I grew older my heart must have been poisoned enough by all the shit around, to feel it. When I heard "In the Shadow of the Horns" once again, after years I thought, "Fuck! Oh yeah!" Then I thought, "Fuck!" again, and then I lit up a smoke! They started the fire, we just keep the church burning. So I don't think there is any music strong like this nowadays. But it's just like good books. It takes at least 10 years to say it is a timeless masterwork or just trendy zeitgeist. But let's wait for Ghost's record!

Indeed! So, as a result, everyone nowadays cites usually 80s or 90s bands as their influence. With everyone already taking influences from the past, do you think the new crop of bands will influence bands in the future?
Absolutely. The train keeps a-rolling! Morlocks like me will always dig in the mailorders for the obscure bands. But, I actually don't care about the future, I'm stuck in the past. I listen to Roy Orbison and the Music Machine.

Who is the track "Where is the Winter" about/aimed at?

Thanks for that question. When I wrote the lyrics I thought a lot how to answer it, but I never thought somebody would ever ask, ha ha. It's about duality of mankind. On one side, I want every true metalhead to project his hatred about trendy posers onto it and sing along with me about how much we hate the posers. On the other side, I'm taking the piss out of all these propaganda attracted hordes of true metalheads because I can't stand it.

Germany was a portal of many great metal bands in the 80s, but is somewhat less-so nowadays, what bands do you rate from your homeland?
Well, there are a few! Metal-punk addicts will enjoy Choke Thirst Die. They already broke up, but will release a single on Iron Bonehead Prod. Division Speed is great, though I have to admit that I liked thir first singer more. Sorry, Hunter! Black Salvation is a nice new psychedelic doom band we play with in Berlin in December. And I just bought the Ascension record. Not old school at all, but great black metal. Also listen to Ketzer, Hellish Crossfire and No Empathy.

This may sound like a gay question, but is there any sort of connection between you as brothers when you play? Like a kind of telepathy?

No, not really. We are northern German's and truly: empathy is not our cup of tea.

Is being in a band with your brothers ever problematic?

Well, not IN the band, but Urgh not being in the band anymore, that actually IS problematic because Occvlta is us three! We can't understand his decision, but we have to respect it. He is an idiot, but a very nice one! The asshole even refused to play Live Evil with us! Maybe everybody needs to send a mail to and tell him he must return!

Alright! Lastly, are you working on any side projects? Can you speak for the others? Is Succubitch coming back?!?

No, none of us is in any other bands at the moment. Succubitch is gone with the wind and I'm afraid there will be no way back, but actually, the Occvlta you will see at Live Evil is the same guys as the late Succubitch, plus me.

Occvlta (Germany) We Command The Wolves (2010)

1. Black Wind Desecration Horde
2. Staring at the Lake
3. Blood Messiah
4. Witch Was Dead
5. Metal Chain
6. Where is the Winter


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