Thursday 21 October 2010

A Fist In The Face Of God presents... Live Evil Mix 2010

Live Evil festival—curated by Fenriz's Band of the Week picks—is almost upon us Londoners and to commemorate this I have made an unofficial mix featuring all the bands performing. Deciding who went first on the mix etc. was somewhat a daunting task, so instead I split the mix into two halves; Saturday and Sunday, in order of how they will appear onstage. Sadomancer of Deathhammer was kind enough to donate a so-far unreleased track of theirs, as did Tom Swine of Salute, who sent me a demo of a new track they're working on. So, if you're a metal aficionado, there is still something in it for you, and if you are curious as to who some of these bands are, well, you lucked out too.
For those attending the festival, there will be an official mix on sale too, featuring mostly exclusive tracks and is a vinyl-only release.

If you're in London tomorrow, don't forget the pre-show at Catch, Kingsland Road, featuring Salute, Natur and Deathhammer, plus myself and a few others DJing. It is going to be a blast.


Mari said...

I'll be there. But thanks heaps for this comp!

Brad said...

Great comp. No sure who Deathhamer are but i look forward to many listens. I am sick with envy that I cannot be there at the concert. Ugh.

D#harmonic said...

Damn straight, it's fuckin' great! Good mix, but I'll think it will be a live session - anyway - it's fuckin' great! Thanx to Dylan, Hail to Fenriz!

Anonymous said...

Holy hell that Natur track, I've got someone new to worship now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this (and the blog)!! Hoping to get one of the 'official' comps too. Any word on live recordings of the festival?