Monday 18 October 2010

Shores Of Orion

Altered States (1980) Ken Russell (UK)


I got tipped about this movie from an article in the recent Vice. Basically, Gaspar Noé said that three movies had inspired him to make his latest movie, Enter The Void. The three movies in question were Videodrome, 2001 and Altered States. I hadn't seen Altered States, but given that the other two are maybe top 10 of all time for me, I felt it compulsory to check it out and it did not disappoint. There are scenes in it that are so close to the hallucinatory visions you see on shrooms etc. and other than one scene in the amazing Rush, I've never seen it duplicated well onscreen. In fact, the finale (akin to the end visuals in 2001), makes your mind almost FEEL like you are tripping, without your body following suit. Okay, I was pretty high, but regardless, it is exceptional. Shame is, if it was made today, the special effects would be done with CGI; movies equivalent to modern metal's triggered drums. In short, fucking wack.



noname said...

did Godflesh take some screenshot from this movie for their Streetcleaner ? (3rd picture from the bottom)

Brad said...

Yes, they did. And Altered States is an amazing movie. UGH!

Boogie Woogie said...

Fuck, this movie is so damn good.

michael said...

I've had this downloaded for a few months now and have yet to watch it. I'm trying to watch all my downloaded films in chronological order and I have far too fucking many, but I may just watch this tonight... Or tomorrow.

locksmith manhattan said...

Great, I really appreciate the movie.


mutterhals said...

Oh, I'm fucking renting this tonight.