Thursday 1 March 2012

A Fist in the Face of God presents... Thrashing Rage, Vol. III

Alright! It's been, what, five months now since an offering brimming with thrash lava erupted into your very eyes. Well, Bradley Smith and Cato Stormoen have made a follow-up to their insanely popular Thrashing Rage, Vol. II mixtape, this time abandoning the thrash gods of old in favour of the new flesh. Yes, that is right, this killer 19-track comp features only bands from the latter part of the 90s, 2000s, right up until this very year. I've actually been planning to do one of these myself for a while now, but what with all the dragon-fighting, wench-fucking and weed-smoking, there just hasn't been the time.
Words from Brad after the break; Cato is too busy being a real motherfucker somewhere to give his ten cents right now, sorry.
The previous two Thrashing Rage mixes focused on old school bands that deserved a shining beam of unholy light cast upon them. But talking with Cato, I realised that there are a whole new crop of diabolical thrash bands whose music corrupts your blackened soul. And we decided then and there to unleash a tornado of TRUE thrash, but with a modern perspective!
1. Antichrist (Sweden) "Intro/ Coven of Evil" (2008)
2. Entrench (Sweden) "Portrait of a Phobia" (2011)
3. Nocturnal (Germany) "Thrash Attack" (2003)
4. Terror Squad (Japan) "Sonicriot" (2006)
5. Körgull The Exterminator (Spain) "Axe Thrash Attack" (2010)
6. Audiopain (Norway) "The Decay Spiral" (2007)
7. Nekromantheon (Norway) "Blood Wisdom" (2012)
8. Deathroner (Canada) "Evil I" (2007)
9. Corrupt (Sweden) "Profits Prevailed/Modern World Hypocrisy" (2006)
10. Occult (Chile) "Defenders of Black Steel" (2011)
11. Bastardator (Canada) "Entrenched" (2006)
12. Condor (Norway) "Thrasher's Attack" (2011)
13. Insane (Italy) "Die in Hell/Metal Torment" (2004)
14. Vomitor (Australia) "Pain of Death"
15. Sauron (USA) "Strom of Ashes" (2008)
16. Witchtrap (Colombia) "The Maniac" (1997)
17. Trash The Graveyard (Norway) "Medieval Torture" (2006)
18. Chörnyj Woron (Germany) "Woman in Chains and Leather" (2008)
19. Ghoul-Cult (Norway) "Infernal Upheaval" (2002)

Thrashing Rage, Vol. II