Monday 11 June 2012

Maniac Monday, obituary IX - Hail Quorthon

Sorry for the delay posting this, I only just found it online now. Total Bathory worship to mark the mighty Quorthon's 8-year anniversary last week. Thanks to him for making some of the best records EVER and to Fenriz, Daniel Salsten, Sindre Solem, Brad Smith, and Tom Swine for taking some time out to talk about Bathory for the show.
Next show will either be 1986-only or another heavy metal set. Not sure yet, trying not to play thrash every week haha so I may go with the latter. Tune in at 2100GMT on Monday June 18th to find out!


Anonymous said...

Everyday i checked the site waiting for the show to be online... now here it is!
Going to listen right about now, cheers!!

gt hatecraft said...

Great show! For the record, it was The Golden Walls of Heaven where the first letter of each line spells "SATAN". And while the first five albums are definitely what it's all about, it would've been cool to hear something off of Nordland I/II--definitely a pair of albums that make a worthy sendoff to the great man! \m/


Thanks, gt, appreciated. I only played the BATHORY I loved/knew and what the interviewees chose. I have never listened to anything after Hammerheart, hence why I didn't play anything from those albums, but soon!

Glen Wright said...

The sound on this show only comes through the right channel.


Yeah, I know. Thanks for the reminder, I am going to "remaster" it myself real soon, will re-post it when I get the chance

Glen Wright said...

Here's the remaster. It was a long process and a lot of effort.

First I converted the file to mono, then I spliced out all the talking parts. Then put them all back together with the Bathory songs that I ripped from my CDs.

I then merged them all as one mp3 file.

So the songs are in stereo and the talking parts are in mono.

I'm quite proud of the end result.