Wednesday 30 January 2013

Maniac Monday XXV - Heavy Metal Mania II, feat. Amulet

2013's second Maniac Monday saw me joined live in the studio with three members of London metal quintet, Amulet. Much beer was imbued and jokes were cracked while the guys DJ'd from 9.30-10.30 and, if you missed it, why not listen to or download it below. It's free, after all.
Thanks to Amulet for coming down and shining the ever-burning metal light in forgotten, darkened corners, and also to Paul at Peaceville for letting me preview an edited track from the forthcoming Darkthrone album, The Underground Resistance, which release February 25th. The album is KILLER, so do NOT sleep on the vinyl of that before it sells out. Also, I will be posting a little someting on the artwork for this album real soon, so keep checking back for more.
Next Maniac Monday will be on Feruaury 11th, 'til then... THRASH!!!

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Anonymous said...

MOAR MIXTAPES!!! How bout it mate? An crust-anarcho-metal-punk mixtape by Fenriz himself? I'll bet it'll be killer!!!