Monday, 18 March 2013

Maniac Monday XXVIII - Possessed by Steel

ALRIGHT. Seeing as NTS' site is down due to them updating their site, I thought it HIGH TIME I posted last week's show. After the apparent 'success' of Maniac Monday XXVI - 2000AD, I decided to do another show of post-2000s-only tracks, this time adding some thrash to the mix.
Show is back as usual, 9-11GMT, next Monday. For the previous 27 shows, click here.


O M said...

Hey, just nitpicking but Morbus Chron are from Sweden, not Norway.

†ROCKWELL† said...

HA! Well spotted! I musta been tired writing that one.

Here's an interview I did with them in 2010

Anonymous said...

Great job as always sir! Any chance of reposting older obituaries IV and V? They seem to be the only ones not able for downloading..

†ROCKWELL† said...

No problem on IV, it is here

Not sure I want anyone hearing the tantrums I had whilst trying to work a show off one 1210 on show V, so keeping that one in the vault for now, hehe

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reposting obituary V mister Dylan. Your shows are great whisky companion . Keep up!