Wednesday 24 April 2013

Maniac Monday XXXI - Beyond the Blade

ALRIGHT. Apologies to those who tuned in on Monday nite to find no Maniac Monday, this was down to a technical fault on the NTS programmer's side. No big deal. The show eventually aired last nite instead and here it is in its entirety for your listening and downloading pleasure.
Another show of 2000s releases found me playing a few bands/styles I couldn't quite figure into any of the previous shows and I think this comes off rather nicely.
Maniac Monday WILL return as scheduled on May 6th, no more fuck-ups, promise. I am thinking this 90s black metal show I keep promising might finally be getting its calling card...

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O M said...

Hey, nitpicking again, but Rust are from Sweden and not Norway. Cool mix of songs.