Wednesday 21 August 2013

Maniac Monday XXXIX - Blackthrashing Deathrifice feat. Swine MM Mix

ALRIGHT. Slight apologies for the delay in posting this—yes, I know it is almost time for another show—but the NTS guys only let me know yesterday that the internet swallowed up hour two of the show. So, last night I had some time to re-record the second hour in all its glory and "remaster" hour one also.
Big shout out to Tom Swine of Salute for providing a 30-minute mix in hour two consisting mainly of stuff I would never play, all of it great too, I might add. Here is the tracklisting for his mix—
1 HATEFUL ABANDON (UK) "Maze of Bastards" Liars/Bastards TBA
2 SCORN (UK) "Spasm" Vae Solis 1992
3 O.B.E.Y. (Israel) "Anger Hunger" Romance Of Misanthropy 2006
4 NIGHTSTICK (USA) "United Snakes" Ultimatum 1998
5 TOADLIQUOR (USA) "Gnaw" Feel My Hate - The Power Is The Weight 1993
6 QUARRY (UK) "Final Feast" Mass Flesh Silo TBA
7 ABSCESS (USA) "Goddess of Filth and Plague" Dawn Of Inhumanity 2010
8 AUTOPSY (USA) "Deathmask" Shitfun 1995

—which features at the top of hour two in the show. Either side of his mix I pretty much played what I did on the last show when I had Victor Whipstriker's mix on.
Next show is on Monday, August 26th and will be Maniac Monday's third instalment of the punk show Fight Back, where I will have a special guest in the NTS studio. 'til then, stay alive!


phaser said...

great, as always!

O M said...

Looks like a little slip on track 7, the band was called Black Magic.


It's actually not. It is included on the Raise The Dead demo under the name Black Magic, but Jon—whose band it is—told me that track was recorded under the name Bestial Purity, due to it having a different sound to the other tracks on that demo. It was recorded before the other tracks too.

It isn't mentioned here, but check out this interview with Mr Bestial Purity/Black Magic himself

O M said...

Heh, did not know that. Thanks for the head up!

Unknown said...

You're Dutch, right? You're not that Arjan dude I presume?


HAHA no, I am neither Dutch nor Arjan. Try again