Friday 2 August 2013

Maniac Monday XXXVIII - Deathrashing Blacrifice/South American Massacre II

Yes, another week, another Maniac Monday. Thanks to all who listened in to the latest edition, which I had intended to be black and deathrash, but then I had that killer mix from Mr. Whipstriker—see post below—so I kinda coupled it with an all-Brazilian second hour.
Shouts to Victor for his tireless work keeping the metal underground alive with his band of brothers down in Brazil and to all the bands on the list, as always.
Next show will be live from the NTS studio in London, on August 12th, where I might be playing a metalpunk show. Or something fucking evil. Time waits for the ripper.

Oh, and more good news, fellow maniacs. Two bands to have featured on recent MMs—Ranger and Satanic Dystopia—have been added to the already legend-in-the-making line-up for this year's Live Evil festival. So hurry up and get those tickets, they aren't gonna get any cheaper the longer you leave it to buy them!

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