Wednesday 25 September 2013

A Fist In The Face Of God presents... Live Evil Mix 2013

As promised on Monday night's show—awaiting the upload of that one still, but will post once it is live—the first hour of the show has become a mixtape. Well, almost. Slightly differently tracklist and a different Satan track, but you get it.
So, Live Evil returns to London after a year-long hiatus and what a lineup it is. I have been told that the pre-show—featuring the goldy Deathhammer AND Antichrist—has already sold out and the tickets for the actual festival itself are becoming rarer than Teitanblood demos, so don't delay if you want to attend the UK's best underground metal festival. All details on how you can be there are here.
Big shout to Marek and Mark for all their Live Evil endeavours and to for Fenriz for his continued work on Band of the Week, essentially keeping the festival alive—ETERNAL HAILS!
1. Satan (England) "Break Free" [1983]
2. Midnight (USA) "Rip This Hell" [2011]
3. Arkham Witch (England) "Arkham Witch" [2009]
4. Eliminator (England) "Outlaws of the Highway" [2011]
5. Ranger (Finland) "Steel Dawn" [2013]
6. Condor (Norway) " Prophecies of Death and Destruction" [2013]
7. Vampire (Sweden) "At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse" [2012]
8. Ghast (Wales) "Pale Robe" [2008]
9. Beastmilk (Finland) "Void Mother" [2012]
10. Bastardhammer (England) "6 Million Ways to Die (in a Rock 'n Roll Band)" [2013]
11. Satanic Dystopia (England) "Blood, Spit & Concrete" [2013]
12. Necrowretch (France) "Purifying Torment" [2013]
13. Zom (Ireland) "The Chaos Dimension" [2011]
14. Pentagram (Chile) "Spell of the Pentagram" [1987]

Also, if anyone missed them, there is a mix for each of the two previous festivals. Click the through the title for tracklist and download links.


Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Could you please upload it again!!!

Anonymous said...

Dylan,the link is broken.


Anon, it is LIVE