Wednesday 11 September 2013

Maniac Monday XL - Fight Back III—Never Leave DIS War

Thanks to all who waited patiently for this show, apologies to those who tuned in a few weeks back to find no show whatsoever, but it's here, finally.
Fight Back III—Never Leave DIS War was by far one of my favourite shows to compile, however fucking long it took. I originally had an in-studio guest for the projected but doomed live show at the end of August—shouts to Deano for making a list, even though we never got to play it out. Hopefully he will come on another time and play more mangel for the Maniac Monday horde (should such a thing even exist).
Maniac Monday returns on September 23rd with a show of all-new metal, with tracks from the (FUCKING KILLER) new Obliteration, Infant Death, Ranger, Manifesting, In Solitude, Ensnared, Condor, plus more. You know what to do.

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