Wednesday 22 January 2014

Maniac Monday L - Heavy Metal Mania V

Heavy Metal Mania returns! Like mentioned in the show, I was going to do a best of—seeing as it is the 50th show and all—but I was too lazy to even do that, so here is a new speed/heavy/NWOBHM show. There are a few tracks I have played before, but as always I tried to come up with different bands/songs. Getting trick now I'm 50 shows deep, so who knows how many more of these genre-themed shows there will be in the future.
What I do know is that but the next show will be death fucking metal, and that is a sure thing, on February 3rd.
Tomorrow will see the first guest mix of the year, a two-hour speed metal opus from Omega mastermind Hades, so check back for that, it's a ripper!

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